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Using timezones in Calendar in remote teams

Those who have remote colleagues and clients sometimes struggle with timezones and don’t know how to use Calendar

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Resizing Mac Windows

If you start dragging a window’s border, the window will start to resize horizontally or vertically in that direction

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Selection anchoring and undo on a Mac

A text selection not only has a beginning and an end, but also an anchor. It is whether I started selecting from the beginning or from the end

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If Apple Notes stop syncing

Has it ever happened to you that Apple’s Notes just stopped syncing reliably via iCloud?

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How Apple can preserve face while recovering from the MacBook Pro mistakes

In The best laptop ever made, Marco Arment outlines just how great the previous-generation MacBook Pros were

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Make text lower case

Sometimes you paste a text from somewhere, and it’s all upper case, and you want to make it normal case

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How to un-hang a hung app on a Mac

In some cases an app on your Mac would hang: the mouse cursor would turn into a spinning beach ball, and the app would ignore all clicks and key presses...

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Reminders app is so buggy

Reminders is one of buggiest apps Apple has ever made. Sometimes it forgets to remind, sometimes it reminds twice

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Folders first in Finder

Wow! Finder in Sierra has finally learnt to put folders on top

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Spacing separates, lines join

People often draw lines to separate things. They should, instead, move the things apart

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