Stockholm: airport and connection to city

I’ve shown you the Stockholm metro in detail.

But I’ve got a lot more from Stockholm. Today it’s the airport and the connection to the city.


It’s a great idea to point to the next restroom in the narrow hallway:

In the baggage claim area there is a nice advertisement for the express buses to the city:

Swedish is white, English is yellow. Customs has two spaces:

Passage to another terminal:

Stairs to the boarding gates. Curiously, the arrows and exit numbers are yellow, not white:

But I had to go to the city, and the express bus didn’t appeal to me. It turned out to be cheaper and more interesting to get there by regular transportation, not a dedicated airport service. I took a bus to a place called Märsta, then a commuter train from there.

Outside the airport:

The bus stop:

Bus 583 to Märsta:

An almost-selfie from the bus:

A bus stop in Märsta:

The commuter train station next to it:

The trains await at the platform:

A sign:

The door doesn’t open automatically. A funny character points to the button from above:

Inside the train:

There’s an ad in the transportation system style here, too, like I’ve shown on metro trains before. Nice:

The “don’t sit with your feet on the other seat” icon:

I got off at Stockholm’s Central Station and some people went further on. Now the character points to the button from below:

After three days in Stockholm, I went back to the airport — this time, on the very bus from the ad. It runs from the Central Station as well. The boarding gate has automatic doors:


The map of terminal 5:

The pictures are from the trip in June 2016.

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