User interface

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Reversibility of an interface element

Reversibility is a property of an interface input control, where the user can return the control to its initial state at any time

How I stopped using Duolingo

Duolingo used to be a great app. I opened in to practice almost every day. But then they changed the design


It’s bad practice to greet app users with onboarding screens

Marco Arment on UI stability

In ATP Episode 439 Marco Arment had a good speech on UI stability, I even took time to write it down

Typing your password over a button

Apple came up with this interface behavior that would seem strange before

Automatically Close Tabs in mobile Safari

Mobile Safari has a feature that automatically closes tabs. It reveals the ill-conceived nature of the interface as a whole

One spinner is enough

In user interfaces, a spinner is a normal indicator of thinking or loading. However, the modern web is often build from blocks that could be loading independently

Resizing Mac Windows

If you start dragging a window’s border, the window will start to resize horizontally or vertically in that direction

How to trim text the right way

Recently, I wrote about Facebook’s crappy handling of long posts: it’s trims the text randomly and loses your reading position when expanded

The broken “See more” in Facebook

Pinpointing individual problems with the Facebook’s user interface is odd, as everything there is done with contempt for the user

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