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Automatically Close Tabs in mobile Safari

Mobile Safari has a feature that automatically closes tabs. It reveals the ill-conceived nature of the interface as a whole

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One spinner is enough

In user interfaces, a spinner is a normal indicator of thinking or loading. However, the modern web is often build from blocks that could be loading independently

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Resizing Mac Windows

If you start dragging a window’s border, the window will start to resize horizontally or vertically in that direction

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How to trim text the right way

Recently, I wrote about Facebook’s crappy handling of long posts: it’s trims the text randomly and loses your reading position when expanded

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The broken “See more” in Facebook

Pinpointing individual problems with the Facebook’s user interface is odd, as everything there is done with contempt for the user

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Selecting country to enter your phone number

Here is an example of a dumb user interface. You can’t just enter your full phone number, you have to select a country from the list first

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May I notify you

Notifications often appear at the wrong time: while I am trying to finish a sentence or to listen to my colleague on a call

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Fuel low; here are petrol stations

When running out of fuel, not only does my car light an LED, but also offers to show the nearest petrol stations using the built-in navigation

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BarPrepHero user interface

I designed the new user interface for the BarPrepHero app. Now it stands out among apps for lawyers

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Remind me of the past

It would be great if the store reminded you, which card you used to make the recent purchase

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