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BarPrepHero user interface

I designed the new user interface for the BarPrepHero app. Now it stands out among apps for lawyers

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Remind me of the past

It would be great if the store reminded you, which card you used to make the recent purchase

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Selection anchoring and undo on a Mac

A text selection not only has a beginning and an end, but also an anchor. It is whether I started selecting from the beginning or from the end

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The hover and click should match

This principle seems obvious, but there are too many interfaces that violate it. Thus, a blog post

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Group checkbox setting

Say you have an interface with a column of checkboxes

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Redesigning Hawaii missile alert user interface

A couple of weeks ago Hawaii residents got a shocking alert on their phones

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Reachability by overscrolling

There is an accessibility setting on the iPhone called “Reachability”. When you enable it, you can double tap the Home button or swipe down the Home indicator on the iPhone X to make the screen content

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Feedback first

Here is my talk from FDConf, Minsk about feedback in the user interface

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UI Museum: Turbo Pascal 7.1

All screenshots for this post were made by Rakhim Davletkaliev

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Is iOS scrolling modal?

Someone has tweeted this and got several retweets

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