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Jouele 2.1

Eugene Lazarev has updated Jouele to version 2.1. It works much faster when multiple audio tracks are used on a page

Jouele 2.0

Three years ago I made Jouele, a good audio player for the web

New official diagram for Chelyabinsk trams

Check out the new official diagram for Chelyabinsk tram network

Emerge.js with a new spinner and scrolling support

In 2013, I’ve released Emerge.js, a framework for coordinated page loading

Moscow Metro station names multiplication

Check out my new project, Moscow Metro station names multiplication

Likely, the social sharing buttons that aren’t shabby

Please welcome Likely, the nice social sharing buttons

Emcee 2.0 supports Yosemite

The new version works well with Yosemite, including Dark Mode

Wireless DJ redesigned

Wireless DJ is an iPad controller for Traktor Pro or any other MIDI-enabled DJ software. You connect it to a wireless network shared with your computer

A study in data visualization: Snooker results display

Check out my visualization of a snooker tournament results. The diagram shows Welsh Open 2007 down to a frame

Ångström: convert time and time zones

The new version of Ångström codenamed Greenwich is now available. Everyone can now convert hours to seconds, weeks to minutes etc

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