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Why are browsers so slow?

I understand why rendering a complicated layout may be slow. Or why executing a complicated script may be slow

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Ellen Lupton’s “Thinking with Type”

Don’t read this book: The book is split into three sections: Letter, Text and Grid. This gives the illusion of structure, but don’t be fooled...

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When you cancel a Time Machine backup, it takes some time to stop

 80   2014   rants   user interface

The stupid “Compose New Message” Mail.app menu item

Let’s say you’ve right-clicked the Mail.app’s dock icon and want to write a new mail

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What is Brick?

So this thing, Brick. What is it? It says

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The hope for a beautiful iPhone

When I first saw the leaked pictures of iPhone 4, I thought, no way, this cannot be true, it is ugly as hell

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Linking to where I already am

Every web designer knows that no hyperlink should ever reference a page where I already am. Ah, not true

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