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Ångström: convert time and time zones

The new version of Ångström codenamed Greenwich is now available. Everyone can now convert hours to seconds, weeks to minutes etc. Paid users also get timezone conversion:

Ångström: convert time and time zones

What time is in New York when it’s five o’clock in London? Now it is as easy as typing “5lo”. We know when and where daylight savings time is in effect.

Also, we’ve finally done the rounded corners right:

We’ve finally done the rounded corners right in Ångström

Ah, so much better now! It took effort on Alex’s side to make this work fast and reliably on all supported devices.

We’ve added more currency symbols, including Turkish lira, Cambodian riel and Armenian dram (by the way, we’ve always had Bitcoin):

We’ve added more currency symbols to Ångström

And finally, we do a little bit better job explaining what you get with an In-App Purchase. Instead of listing unit symbols, we spell out the whole names.

Thanks to Federico Viticci of Macstories for a great recent review:

The result is an incredibly fast conversion process that only takes a few taps and doesn’t require you to scroll long lists or bookmark favorites for quick access. For me, typical usage of Ångström goes like this: I open the app, type a number, insert the first letter of a unit, and I’m done.

If you are not yet using Ångström, you should:

Download in the App Store for free

Stay tuned.

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