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John Gruber compares iPhone and Apple Watch introductions

John Gruber compares iPhone and Apple Watch introductions in Episode 14 of Electric Shadow podcast (starting at around 1h 24m mark...

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Gruber and Siegler in The Talk Show #4

In The Talk Show #4 John Gruber is joined by MG Siegler. What a company! It was recorded before WWDC, and they were discussing all sorts of rumors, it was quite entertaining

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Apple’s last day

Apple’s been growing like crazy for many years. “Analysts” have been predicting Apple’s rapid decline for many years

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Trollem Ipsum

Trollem Ipsum is fun. Here’s what a typical confident Android troll says

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When people get a Mac

There are many explanations to the fact that some prefer Mac to Windows. They suffer religious fanaticism

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Tech specs as a measure of ineffectiveness

John Gruber on irrelevance of tech specs today

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