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How to trim text the right way

Recently, I wrote about Facebook’s crappy handling of long posts: it’s trims the text randomly and loses your reading position when expanded

Mini updates to Likely (2.7.2) and Aegea (v3877)

A small update to Likely has been released with a CSS fix, as well as a new update to Aegea with this new version of Likely

Full list of Aegea features

The website of my blogging engine, Aegea, has been updated with the Features page, where all features are listed

Aegea 2.7 released

Aegea 2.7 has been released. Aegea is a great blogging engine

Aegea 2.6 released

Aegea 2.6 has been released. Aegea is a great blogging engine

How to install Aegea locally on a Mac

Before installing Aegea on a server, you may want to try it out locally. This is a manual on how to install it locally on a Mac in a way that I find the best

How to install Aegea

To install Aegea, the blogging engine, you will need

Introducing Aegea

Introducing Aegea, a great blogging engine