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How to trim text the right way

Recently, I wrote about Facebook’s crappy handling of long posts: it’s trims the text randomly and loses your reading position when expanded

Fuel low; here are petrol stations

When running out of fuel, not only does my car light an LED, but also offers to show the nearest petrol stations using the built-in navigation

Remind me of the past

It would be great if the store reminded you, which card you used to make the recent purchase

Apple WWDC date

Apple says

Do not ask me for email I have just entered

You enter your email in a sign-in form and then realize you do not remember your password. You click “remind me my password” and get redirected to “Remind password” form

Changing passwords regularly

My online banking site wants me to change my password every couple of months. No wonder the password now looks like Blahblahblah16

Apple Store in Amsterdam

Here’s what the future Amsterdam Apple Store looks like