Remind me of the past

Let’s jump right in to the examples. In an online store, you need to select which bank card to use. You’ve been a client for many years, so a whole bunch of cards are already saved. You need to pick the one that you want to use right now:

It would be great if the store reminded you, which card you used to make the recent purchase. Even better, specify last purchase date next to each one.

When you make mistake entering a Google password, it reminds you when you set it:

It will only say this if you are entering your old password. If you enter a wrong password that has never been right, it will just say it’s wrong. These “35 days” could be useful, e. g. if they remind you of the circumstances, in which you changed the password, you could remember the password itself.

More examples:

  • when offering the user to sign in with Facebook and Twitter, remind them, what they used the last time;
  • when the user has problems remembering their password, remind them, what password strength requirements you have — this could help them remember how they’ve chosen the password to satisfy them.