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One spinner is enough

In user interfaces, a spinner is a normal indicator of thinking or loading. However, the modern web is often build from blocks that could be loading independently

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The hover and click should match

This principle seems obvious, but there are too many interfaces that violate it. Thus, a blog post

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Feedback first

Here is my talk from FDConf, Minsk about feedback in the user interface

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Implementing a slider well

A slider is a simple user interface control where you adjust some value by dragging a handle in a groove

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Mimic 2.0: The client’s feedback

I’ve recently designed the new user interface for Mimic, a web developer tool for mocking server responses in a browser

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Immediate feedback when data is unavailable

Immediate feedback is one of the core principles of good user interface design. But what if the data is unavailable for the feedback?

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