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The “Buy” button should always work

Here is one lesson I have learnt working on Envy, a cool Hawaiian car rental

 86   2016   Bureau   design   service design   web   work calendar

We have recently published the work we have done for, a cool Hawaiian car rental

 58   2016   design   user interface   work

Karaoke button

In user interface design, we define a Karaoke button as a button which exists solely to highlight the existence of some feature, often a gimmicky one

 57   2016   design   user interface

The story behind the Ekaterinburg metro map

Check out my post about the Ekaterinburg metro map for Smashing Magazine

 22   2016   design

The fourth version of Moscow metro map

I made my first Moscow metro map in 2007. The official map was disgusting then, but nobody cared. My work inspired many designers to try to design their own map

 52   2016   design   moscow metro   projects

Hand holding as a web design approach

To create a successful web page about a product, try hand holding. In addition to saying what product you have, help the reader start using it

 79   2015   design   service design   web

New Kvartirka logo

Here’s a new logo for Kvartirka which helps to find short-term housing

 32   2015   design   work

Spanish state graphic design

I will later publish the stories from Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia and Sitges. Now, several examples of graphic design of Spanish official bodies

 46   2015   design   Spain   world

Ellen Lupton’s “Thinking with Type”

Don’t read this book: The book is split into three sections: Letter, Text and Grid. This gives the illusion of structure, but don’t be fooled...

 67   2015   books   design   rants   reading   typography

Ideal link underlines don’t care about letter descenders

Traditionally an underline was used for emphasis

 154   2014   design   typography   web
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