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New Kvartirka logo

Here’s a new logo for Kvartirka which helps to find short-term housing

Spanish state graphic design

I will later publish the stories from Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia and Sitges. Now, several examples of graphic design of Spanish official bodies

Ellen Lupton’s “Thinking with Type”

Don’t read this book: The book is split into three sections: Letter, Text and Grid. This gives the illusion of structure, but don’t be fooled...

Ideal link underlines don’t care about letter descenders

Traditionally an underline was used for emphasis

A study in data visualization: Snooker results display

Check out my visualization of a snooker tournament results. The diagram shows Welsh Open 2007 down to a frame

Form labels vertical alignment

Form labels should be put on a baseline of their fields’ text...

Ångström: the update animation

One of the objectives of the design of Ångström was getting the result as fast as possible. But we’ve confronted a problem with currencies

Three states of a website menu item

A website menu item has three possible states. Unselected

Immediate feedback when data is unavailable

Immediate feedback is one of the core principles of good user interface design. But what if the data is unavailable for the feedback?

Ugly and neat mail

Ugly mail defames the sender. It may later occur that the sender was a good person, but life is unjust

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