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John Gruber compares iPhone and Apple Watch introductions

John Gruber compares iPhone and Apple Watch introductions in Episode 14 of Electric Shadow podcast (starting at around 1h 24m mark...

How Apple Pay could work on Apple Watch without Touch ID

When Apple revealed Apple Pay, they first showed it on an iPhone with Touch ID and later mentioned that it would also work with the Apple Watch

Steve Jobs demos the Mac in 1984

Watch this video. I am almost as excited about the stuff they show as the audience


About two years ago I wrote that DSLR cameras had to become iPhone docks. Several month ago Sony has presented its lens cameras, but it was not quite that

The hope for a beautiful iPhone

When I first saw the leaked pictures of iPhone 4, I thought, no way, this cannot be true, it is ugly as hell

The Home button problem of iOS

When presenting the first iPhone, Steve Jobs said that the Home button “takes you home from wherever you are”...

Splash screens

Splash screens are useless: they don’t solve any user’s problem, they shamelessly invade the user’s world, they draw additional attention to the fact that the user is waiting...

Read The Magazine on the original iPad

Marco Arment’s brilliant The Magazine is only available on iOS 6. Unfortunately it’s doesn’t work on the original iPad which I still use, so I’ve subscribed to The Magazine on my iPhone 4

Insert a photo into a mail message before iOS 6

Some people are excited about the addition of this “Insert Photo or Video” thing in Mail app in the coming iOS 6

My iOS 6 predictishlist

Next iOS must be coming soon. What is going to be in it? I’m not sure where to draw the line between “predictions” and a “wishlist”, so here are my thoughts on things that either were speculated

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