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Stopwords in the user interface

These are words that usually signal problems with the user interface

 82   2017   language   user interface

Implementing a slider well

A slider is a simple user interface control where you adjust some value by dragging a handle in a groove

 825   2017   feedback   user interface

Designing the “Badge” feature for Sayve

In Sayve 1.3, we added the ability to display a badge with the number of unsorted audio recordings

 56   2017   design   Sayve   user interface

The revolution in the mobile user interface

It’s about time to flip the mobile user interface vertically

 84   2017   iPhone   user interface

Securige operator user interface

I’ve designed the UI for the panel protection program Securige. It’s a program where operators see if someone’s broken into your apartment and send the rapid response team if they have...

 34   2017   projects   user interface   work

User interface for Mimic 2.0

A web application’s front end (what the user sees) and back end (what happens on a remote server) are often developed separately

 41   2017   projects   user interface   web

UI Animations: four things

Here’s a video of my recent talk about UI Animations at AngularJS-IL meetup in Tel Aviv

 26   2017   talks   user interface   video

Create a new contact or add to an existing one?

Boy do I hate this question: Sometimes I tap “Create New Contact” and end up with two records for one person...

 917   2016   iPhone   user interface calendar

We have recently published the work we have done for, a cool Hawaiian car rental

 58   2016   design   user interface   work

Karaoke button

In user interface design, we define a Karaoke button as a button which exists solely to highlight the existence of some feature, often a gimmicky one

 57   2016   design   user interface
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