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How Apple Pay could work on Apple Watch without Touch ID

When Apple revealed Apple Pay, they first showed it on an iPhone with Touch ID and later mentioned that it would also work with the Apple Watch

What makes Macbook Air look ancient

Here is a picture of a MacBook Air from the Apple’s website

On Jordan Price’s experience working at Apple

Jordan Price in I wanted to work at Apple really bad, and now not so much

Steve Jobs demos the Mac in 1984

Watch this video. I am almost as excited about the stuff they show as the audience

Apple, please do not make a 4K display

In several hours Apple will unveil its new products, which are believed to be the new iPads, MacBooks and the new Mac Pro

Wait, you mean they print this every day?

John Gruber telling a story about two young women and a newspaper on a counter in Starbucks

iOS 7, flat transparent toolbars and clarity

Let’s talk about iOS 7 — it clearly has not been covered enough lately

The Home button problem of iOS

When presenting the first iPhone, Steve Jobs said that the Home button “takes you home from wherever you are”...

Rename AltWWDC

It’s cool that people have came up with an idea of AltWWDC. But it’s about Mac, so obviously it should have been called OptWWDC...

Forstall: Now what?

While everyone discusses the forstallless (is that a word?) future of Apple, I’m curious about Forstall’s own future

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