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SIM cards must die

So, Apple still fighting for smaller SIM card standard for future iPhones. What? Why isn’t Apple fighting to kill the SIM cards?...

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DSLR cameras should become iPhone docks

If you just want to take a picture, you use your iPhone. But what if you want great quality? Not “great for a phone”, but plain great?

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Syncing iPhone before iOS 5 and today

Syncing iPhone before iOS 5: Put the phone in the dock

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When “optional” means “unreliable”

Some time ago there was a discussion about iPhone’s ring/silent switch and the way it does not mute some of sounds

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Weekend reading for January 14—15

Good this week: Enter, Prise. On Apple’s role in the corporate

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Postponing a call

After I’ve seen a missed call on the list, iPhone removes the red badge off the Phone App icon. But I don’t always have time to return a call at that exact moment

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iPhone turns five

It’s hard to imagine the world before iPhone. Today it turns five. A historical video...

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