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Spacing separates, lines join

People often draw lines to separate things. They should, instead, move the things apart

The stupid “Compose New Message” Mail.app menu item

Let’s say you’ve right-clicked the Mail.app’s dock icon and want to write a new mail

Steve Jobs demos the Mac in 1984

Watch this video. I am almost as excited about the stuff they show as the audience

Fix sudo on a Mac

Sometimes the sudo command stops working for reasons beyond human understanding. When you try to sudo anything, it says

Some details in Mountain Lion

Launchpad no longer displays all the Adobe’s crap “apps” (the likes of “Uninstall Adobe Flash Extension Manager Help Center Updater”

Button text in Mountain Lion

John Siracusa in the review

Two stupid windows on a Mac

There are two stupid windows on a Mac that annoy the hell out of me

Quickly convert any text to plain text

Some apps don’t have “Paste unformatted” or “Paste and match style” command. So you want to convert your text to plain text before pasting...

Moving OS X Lion windows by dragging the borders

Did you know that you could not just resize, but also move a window by dragging its border in Lion?

Retina Macs before summer?

I believe retina Macs will be announced before summer. Here’s why: in summer, OS X Mountain Lion will get released, but substantial work on HiDPI support has just been done for 10

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