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Berlin street name plates

3 If a street is named after someone, there is an additional plate about them on top: · See also Kiev street name plates.

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Kiev street name plates

A characteristic Kiev street name plate looks like this:

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London Underground voice announcements: update 2

Central line: no service between Marble Arch and Liverpool Street. · This is a District Line train to Wimbledon This is High Street Kensington. · Please use alternative routes The next station is Warren Street.

Map and reality: distortion

The first launch of Maps actually did not use Mercator, and streets in high latitude places like Stockholm did not meet at right angles on the map the way they do in reality. While [Mercator] distorts a “zoomed-out view” of the map, it allows close-ups (street level) to appear more like reality. The majority of our users are looking down at the street level for businesses, directions, etc… so we’re sticking with this projection for now.

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Transport map design. Part 1

And when they do, all trains in a “wisp” stop at all of them — see Great Portland Street and Euston Square above. · Also, the stations named with street numbers looked identical — the font was just too small for that. · It includes parks, ponds, main streets and areas names:

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Berlin signs and posters

Building numbers sometimes double as street lights, as they do in Helsinki: · 4 Non-standard street name plate and a plan of the quarter: · 6 Street name is put on a wall.

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London Underground voice announcements

Central line: no service between Marble Arch and Liverpool Street. · Pancras and Liverpool street. · (Ladies and gentlemen, there is good service operating on all London Underground lines.) Goodge Street (towards Kennington):

Kiev in April 2016, all the rest

The stairways from the crossing streets run down in a form of an arc, uncovered. · Kiev street name plates

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Europe 2010 and Palermo

Milan, where street name plates are gorgeous and trams are adorable, · Monte Carlo, where a street you walk turns out to be a roof of a building,

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Coffee in Berlin

Street name plates

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Aegea 2.6 released

For example, try searching “street” in this blog.

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Planet Modulor store in Berlin

Scrolls with street panoramas:

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Berlin U-bahn

Street name plates

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New York City lecture on Feedback

The lecture will take place at 6:45pm, here: Starta Ventures 220 E 23rd Street #401.

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Ekaterinburg metro map

That’s why we list the routes of buses, trolleybuses and trams, show metro exit locations, nearby streets, parks, the river Iset, railway and coach stations:

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Spanish state graphic design

Street prohibition sign with it:

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London Underground voice announcements: update

Stand clear of the doors This station is Old Street.